Return Policy:

At Halifax Bread Factory, we take pride in our baked goods. If you are unsatisfied with your baked goods, we require that you please return your baked goods to us within 24 hours of receiving them. All refunds given will be put on in-store credit to be used at a future date.

*We must receive the baked goods back in order for a full refund to be received via in-store credit.  *** NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. ***

Cancellation Policy:

Halifax Bread Factory requires a 24 hour notice to cancel an order. A 90% refund will be given and refunded to the credit card used or 100% refund will put on a gift card for in-store credit. *** NO CASH REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN. *** Halifax Bread factory retains 5% of the order price for transaction fees in processing orders and refunds, ingredients ordered and prep-work done for orders placed. Failure to receive a 24 hour notice for cancellation will result in no refund given. The 24 hour notice is from the TIME AND DAY of pick-up or delivery requested. This does not include cakes. (See Cake Policy below).

Product that is not picked up at the day and time customer selected, will not be refunded or be put on in-store credit.

Order Policy:

We require that all orders must be paid in full at the time they are placed: on our website, in-store or over the phone.

We require a 24-hour notice for all orders placed and a 48 hour notice on all cakes.

Cake Policy:

Cake tasting deposits are non-refundable.

All cakes must be canceled 3 days in advance to receive a full refund. Failure to cancel within this time frame ensures that the customer will only receive 50% of the refund. NO CASH REFUNDS ARE GIVEN. Failure to cancel within 24 hours of cake pick-up or delivery date and time will result in no refund given.

There will be a $10.00 fee to any changes made to cake orders within 24 hours.

We are not responsible for any damages done to cakes that leave our bakery when we are not delivering them.


What is the delivery fee?

3 options are available:

  1. Saturday delivery for orders less than $60: We charge a $10.00 flat fee per delivery.
  2. Saturday delivery for orders $60 and more: No charge for delivery
  3. Next day delivery(exclude flatbreads): $25 per order